Bamberg, Germany


If any of you ever wondered where I was born, well, here is the answer: I was born in the city of Bamberg in Germany. With an invitation to work in the Landesgartenschau 2012, I dropped some patches in the garden area, fixing up the old tower of the ancient ERBA spinning mills. These patches here are glued down, so they survive at least the show in the couple of next months.








The days to follow, we I hit the streets with some friends to add some more color to the world-cultural-heritage status of Bamberg. 



I was asked by Micha to repair a wall of her house. A beautiful little repair, i think, which nicely illustrates the starting idea of the project. See, how different the material used for the wall is: Sandstone combined with red clinker bricks in between? Don't these plastic bricks just add the missing contemporary link to that mixture?!